Fundación Televisa

Generating impact through communication

Televisa Foundation has established itself as a high-impact organization,

thanks to the support of both Grupo Televisa's mass media and our own digital platforms.

In 2022, we reached more than

46 million

through television.

Wehave an online community of

1.5 million people.

Our initiatives generate opportunities.


28 million girls and women have been inspired this year thanks to the broadcasting and promotion of the TECNOLOchicas initiative on TV so that they can study STEM careers. The different communication actions contributed to the program's operational objectives, and we achieved greater positioning within our target audience.


+2 million people have been reached through our social networks.

63% increase in our CUANTRIX community compared to last year, reaching 12,000 followers on Facebook.


32 million people learned about our call through our TV media.

381 thousand people make up our community of entrepreneurs on Facebook.


With our joint mass communication campaign strategies (TV and digital), Empieza Temprano manages to communicate its key messages to two thirds of the target population, which are: mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers and professional caregivers throughout the country.


17 million people reached thanks to our campaigns focused on promoting culture through our RRSS. We promote and strengthen the formation of communities around art, images and audiovisual culture.

130,887 followers increasing our Facebook community by 64%.

gol por méxico

We reached 10,000 goals sung "Gol por México" during the broadcast of LigaMx matches, transforming into support for education, nutrition, health, housing, the environment, natural disasters, and pro-women causes.

322,828 people reached through our communication on Facebook.


17 uninterrupted years broadcasting the Bécalos fundraising campaign and positioning the program in the daily lives of millions of Mexicans who contribute to the program.


For 20 years we have promoted the campaign "¿Tienes el valor o te vale?" on television, reaching +38 million people in 2022.

215,000 teachers and parents make up our Facebook community.

We had

850,438 visits

to our websites,

creating a space for participation that arises from our calls for courses, support, and content available for consulting.

The broadcast of our messages reached


such as TV mentions, television and radio ads, broadcasts, interviews, magazines.

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