We create new value content to be closer and offer a range of possibilities that strengthen and empower your life.

In synergy with 215 allies,
we helped transform the lives of


children, young people, and adults in our country.

Our lines of action

Your motivation and desire to move forward, after months of uncertainty, is what drives us to continue supporting you through our programs.


children, young people, and adults are changing their reality with the help of one of our programs.

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We connect with you, wherever you are, through Grupo Televisa's media, which are the channels that allow us to communicate and keep you informed.

We reached more than

+48 million

people with our television messages.

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We strengthened and created new alliances with diverse organizations to open your path and that of thousands of Mexicans towards development and empowerment.


consolidated alliances.

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We expanded horizons with new content to offer you valuable information that allows you to improve your present and transform your future.

More than

+3.6 million people engaged

with our content through our digital platforms.

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Girls and women
in action

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Our  beneficiaries

"I am very grateful, as they provide me with tools that are attractive to my students. The facilitator's support has been very good, as she is patient and takes me by the hand."

Claudia López Tenorio
- Cuantrix -

"I take a lot of knowledge with me, and I hope to apply it as soon as we have face-to-face classes."

Cistelli Ortíz Mass
- Cuantrix -

"Empieza Temprano has helped me to discover many fun activities that I do with my son every day."

José Pérez
- Empieza Temprano -

"Empieza Temprano has supported me with the early stimulation of my daughters in their day-to-day life, to achieve a good coexistence and a good learning for their future".

Victoria Lara
- Empieza Temprano -

"Every photo on this page reminds me of my identity, where I come from, and where I am. How magical and beautiful is Mexico!"

Roberto Uscanga
- Fotográfica -

"I love the importance they give to the care, collection, and recording of life itself through audiovisual expressions. I like the priceless "treasure" that lives in Fotográfica".

Fabiola de la Rosa
- Fotográfica -

"Thanks to Gol por México I was able to receive a transplant and I am already recovering. My sight is coming back, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart."

Abraham Muñoz
- Gol por México -

"The opportunity to continue studying is a great benefit for me. Thanks Gol por México, with the scholarship I can prepare myself better."

Karen Cruz
- Gol por México -

"For me, it was the open door to endless opportunities: networking, commercial alliances, growth, and development. They have accompanied me since I had the idea, until today that I am with the start-up".

Jorge Luis Garcia Yañez
- Posible -

"There is a noticeable change after our participation. Being part of the Posible community of entrepreneurs is a very valuable element for us."

René Loza
- Posible -

"The way our teachers explained the class to us, the dedication they put in so that we could understand the topics, helped me to learn about computer science and programming."

- Tecnolochicas -

"I liked realizing that I have the knowledge and ability to program."

- Tecnolochicas -

"I have been using the values content in my classes for years, we read the values stories and I always make two or three illustrations to complement the reading. I think it is very important that there are programs like this one that cultivates values in children".

Gabriel Juárez Amaya
- Valores -

Our   awards

Fundación Televisa
Selected by the UN as one of the 23 organizations that made a 2021-2026 commitment in favor of girls and women.

Monte de Piedad National Award for Sustainable Development in Training for Decent Work, thanks to the Networking Mexico program.

Recognition as a member of the UN Sustainable Development Goal in "Quality Education".

Winners of the Citibanamex Social Promotion of Social Entrepreneurship 2021 Call for Proposals.

We join with our initiatives to fight inequality, improve nutrition, clean water, health, quality education and promote peaceful societies towards 2030.