Girls and women in action

Gender equity enriches our society and
female inclusion strengthens us all.

This year, we incorporated the gender vertical into the foundation, so that more Latina girls and women have access to opportunities to develop in technology, economic empowerment, and leadership issues.

Este año, lanzamos el programa BécALAS, cuyo principal objetivo es impulsar el liderazgo de mujeres universitarias en áreas STEM; apoyarlas para que inicien, continúen y concluyan sus estudios de nivel superior y no abandonen por falta de recursos económicos.

A lo largo de 2021, apoyamos a 700 mujeres, gracias al taller BeLEAD, de BécALAS. Les brindamos sesiones de mentoría, talleres de liderazgo, desarrollo personal y profesional, educación financiera y habilidades, tanto digitales como socioemocionales; herramientas que les permitirán integrarse al mercado laboral del mañana.

“Every effort and dedication opens doors to new opportunities. My purpose is to encourage more women to follow their dreams, to believe in us. Don't let anything stop you, do it!”. Salma Jamilet Castillo, Biologist Pharmaceutical Chemist. Scholarship Program.

“What fills me with pride is seeing young women achieving the dreams they always wanted”. Diana Méndez Ávalos, Degree in Nanotechnology. Scholarship Program.

Impact Initiatives:

Within the Generation Equality Forum, Fundación Televisa was selected by the UN as one of the 23 organizations worldwide to make a commitment from 2021 to 2026, in favor of girls and women. For which, we join with two actions:

Likewise, the Chain of Compliments initiative was created, broadcast on television and TikTok. The project was joined by talent from Grupo Televisa such as Paola Rojas and Erika Buenfil, sharing their compliments and inviting more women to participate through #EsMujerEsMexicana, achieving more than 56 million views.